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Temple Run Oz

Imangi Studios and Disney partnered to bring Temple Run Oz to users. The game was inspired by Disney’s film Oz the Great and Powerful. This is not the only spin-off of Temple Run that was designed after a Disney animated movie. There is also the film Brave.

How to Play the Game

If you played the original version of the game or any of the other versions, you will not have difficulties playing this one as it also has the same game play. This is an endless runner application, in which you play the role of the great wizard Oz. Your character is chased by flying baboons that you need to outrun to prevent the hero from being killed. The game environment was taken from the places in the movie, including the famous Yellow Brick Road. There are two stunning locations in the game, which seamlessly switch back and forth, adding to its visual appeal. Fly on hot air balloons, which is an added feature that you will not see on other Temple Run versions.


The controls are the same. Swipe left or right to make sharp turns on the direction that you wish to go to. There are obstacles that would prevent you from advancing on the game. You may need to jump or duck to avoid them. Swipe up to jump and down to duck. Coins are the main currency of the game. There are several coins that can be collected while running. Tilting the device left or right will make the character move to the opposite lane and collect coins. Aside from being killed by the baboons, the game will end when your hero falls from a cliff.

Power-ups and Abilities

While power-ups are collected in the first version of Temple Run, they are automatically made available and can be activated upon collecting specific number of coins. The power meter on the upper right corner of the game screen turns green when it fills up. Double tap on the screen to activate any of the power-ups, which include the following:

Shield – this will protect you from obstacles for a limited period. It will not protect you from falling off the cliff.
Coin bonus – this will give you additional 50 coins.
Boost – this will increase the speed of your run while making you invincible.
Score Bonus – this will give an additional 500 points on your total score.
Gem Bonus – this will give you additional 2 gems.

Abilities are upgrades to your power-ups. They can be upgraded up to five levels. Each upgrade will cost you certain number of coins. However, this will help you earn more coins, as well as boost your distance. Here are the upgrades that you can get on this game.

Score Multiplier – this will increase the number of your score multiplier.
Head Start – this will give you a farther head start.
Pickup Spawn – this will increase your pickup spawn.
Boost Distance – this will increase the distance that you travel when your speed is boosted.
Coin Magnet – this will increase the duration of the coin magnet power-up.
Shield Duration – this will increase the duration of the shield power-up.
Coin Value – this increases the value of special coins.

Game Currencies

As mentioned, the main currency of the game is coins, which can be collected along the terrains. They can be used for upgrades and power-ups. Gems are collected as power-ups and can be used to save the game.

Game Tips

There is an in-app mini-game that will let you ride on a hot air balloon and collect coins in the sky. It can be played by swiping on the right direction when you reach a crossroads in the game. The direction will be given on the screen so be sure to watch out. Keep your eyes focused on what’s coming so you can immediately plan if you need to turn, jump or duck. Upgrade your abilities as soon as you can especially the ones that would help you collect more coins. This will let you have more coins to spend on better upgrades and it will also make your score higher. Your total score is not only computed on the distance traveled but on the number of coins collected on the game as well.

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