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Temple Run 2

After the first version of Temple Run was released for iOS users in 2011 and for Android users in 2012, the sequel for the popular app was made available for download early this year. Like the original version, it can be played for free on all compatible devices. Coins packs, gem packs and coin doublers are also available as in app purchase using real cash.

Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay of this sequel is the same as the first version, though more features were added, making it even better. The game is set on auto run so your character will run instantly upon starting the game. Swipe up or down to make your character jump or duck to avoid the obstacles that might trip you down. This will slow you down, which might cause the enemy to reach you. Swipe left or right to make turns, though you must be careful as any wrong turn may cause you to fall off the cliff.

This will also end the game. If you see coins along the way, tilt your device left and right to make your character change lanes. Use your coins for upgrading abilities, as well as purchasing new characters. Your score is posted on the upper right corner of the game window. This automatically increases as you collect coins and go farther in the game. The number below that is the amount of coins collected.

What’s New in Temple Run 2

One of the obvious changes on this release of Temple Run is its background. The game environment is more realistic than the previous one. It offers more challenging and visually appealing terrains. Mine tracks were added, in which you need to ride a cart to make it through that part. While on the cart, you still need to jump and duck to avoid obstacles. However, you need to tilt your device to make the cart turn left or right, which could be a bit difficult at first. Ziplines, flames of fire and waterfalls were also included. You will no longer be chased by three monkeys. Instead, your enemy will be a huge monkey called Cuchanck. There is also a shield meter on the upper left of your screen, which increases as you collect coins.

Temple Run 2

Once full, you can enable it anytime by tapping on the screen. This will protect you from dying except from falling off the cliff. However, its effect will wear off after a short while. Instead of 7 playable characters, there are only 4 available in the game. However, they have special skills, which the characters from the first version do not have. Guy Dangerous is still available for free, while Scarlett Fox, Barry Jones and Karma Lee are available for a cost. You will notice that the character runs faster and more swiftly than on the previous game. While angel wings could be purchased and used for saving the game in the past version, gems are now used. The number of gems that can be collected throughout the game is scarce. This is why other players decide to make an in app purchase of gems, which is totally optional. There are 3 objectives that you need to complete on each level to get to the next level. Though this will not change anything on the game’s stage or difficulty level, this will earn you bonus coins.


Unlike the previous game in which power-ups are collected along the terrains, they are now instantly awarded once the power meter on the left side of the screen fills up. Tap on the screen twice to activate any of them. These power-ups include the following:

Gem Bonus – this will give you additional 2 gems instantly
Score Bonus- 500 points will be added to your score
Boost- this will boost your distance
Coin Bonus- you will get an additional 50 coins


Like power-ups, abilities can also help get more coins, as well as travel farther on the game. These abilities can be upgraded to become more powerful using the coins you collected.

Coin Value – this will double your coin value after reaching 1,500 meters
Shield Duration – increases duration of shield by 25%
Coin Magnet – increases the duration of coin magnet power-up by 25%
Boost Distance – automatically increase distance by 50 meters
Pickup Spawn – spawn 10% more often

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